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    About us

    Welcome to Mattress Pro, where we believe that roughing it doesn't have to be so rough! We've done what some would call the impossible and retained comfort whilst compacting down our mattress to the size of a water bottle! 

    Unfortunately, as with any successful brand, we have seen copycats and imitators attempt to replicate our success by producing cheap imitations of our products.

    When purchasing a Mattress Pro always make sure that the review photos feature our our logo. This ensures that you're purchasing an authentic Mattress Pro.

     Based in New Zealand, we are proud to offer the Mattress Pro to customers worldwide. We have partnered with international 3PL warehouses to provide cost-effective and timely shipping for our customers worldwide. Our parent company is AKD Trading. PayPal transactions will be processed through AKD Trading.
    We've partnered up with Ecologi. Shop with pride knowing that your purchase is contributing to forest restoration efforts around the globe. You can view the Mattress Pro forest here.
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    Free Shipping Worldwide

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    3 Year Warranty

    97% Positive Feedback